Spiritual weekly prompt

They are not all the same

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It was judgement day at the zoo. The animals were restless. A few were taking self-inventory and considering what their personal verdict would be. Many, including the rodents, and most of the predators, were busy gossiping about the other animals. Each confident they had nothing to fear but expecting all the others would get their justly deserved comeuppance.

Domain Decision day, as it was also called, was the most important day of the year. If you’d been a good little squirrel, or a kindly big elephant, you’d be allowed access to the open sunlit parts of the zoo. If your…

Scripture Prompt

And how one man’s reaction shows us practicality can be overrated

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It’s not either-or it’s both-and

Is it more important to save souls or care for the needy? This is a question that seems to divide the church into two opposing groups. Some think the main mission of the church is to make certain people’s physical needs are met. This is the “care for the poor” party.

Others hold the view that, as Christians, our efforts should be put toward persuading people of their need to accept Christ as savior. These Christians believe saving souls is the real mission of the church.

The truth is, there is no conflict.

Of course, God wants us to help…

That made me think

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Read a chapter to start the day

I’ve been starting my day by reading a chapter from the book of Proverbs that corresponds to the date of the month. The 31 chapters in Proverbs match the 31 days in most months; a serendipitous coincidence. I am also reading through the New Testament, but in the morning I read Proverbs.

This is part of an ongoing series of articles in which I select one verse from the chapter I read that day. Then I contemplate that verse, try to understand what God is saying through these ancient writings, and record my thoughts.

God has plans for the wicked

Chapter 16. is replete with wisdom…

Gordon McFarland

I write to: avoid housework, challenge assumptions, make connections, clarify memories, glorify God.

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